4 Best Ice Cream Spots Near Defiance

September 30th, 2019 by

Ice cream is the perfect dessert all year long. You have many options available to enjoy a delicious ice cream dish in the Defiance, Ohio, area. Check out a few of the must-try ice cream spots.

Eric’s Ice Cream Factory
Every ice cream served at Eric’s Ice Cream Factory is homemade and handcrafted and you can really tell the difference. In fact, Eric’s ice cream has become so popular among Ohio locals that they have expanded to six locations, all throughout Ohio. Try one of the hand-dipped ice cream cones or go with an ice cream sundae. They also serve fruit smoothies with flavors like strawberry, strawberry banana, blueberry, and raspberry.

If you aren’t sure what flavor to try, ask for a two-scoop sampler. You will also find limited-time flavors like the cotton candy and the Happy Happy Joy Joy. Eric’s Ice Cream Factory also serves food including hot dogs, a cream chicken sandwich, chili cheese fries, and Ballreich BBQ chips.

Double D Dairy Bar
Your experience at the Double D Dairy Bar will include affordable desserts, friendly staff, and all of your favorite traditional ice cream dishes. Try one of the sundaes or go with a banana split. The malt shakes are also a popular choice with flavors like chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry. Grab a picnic table outdoors, sit back and eat your ice cream cone, and enjoy the beautiful Defiance local scenery.

Churn is newer to the Defiance area but it has already become a local favorite. They serve hand-crafted ice cream that is made with all-natural premium ingredients. This means fresh and high-quality milk, sugar, cream, and fruit. There are no artificial flavors in any of the ice cream dishes at Churn. First, choose your favorite cone with options like the waffle or cake cones or go with a quart of ice cream. Then, top it with your choice of ice cream with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry. Churn also sells cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes, and creme pies.

Apache Dairy Bar
From the exterior, the Apache Dairy Bar looks like any other ice cream shop. But, once you walk into the cozy dining room, you will notice that they offer ice cream dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. The blueberry dipped cone is a favorite. The dessert nachos are also a must-try and come loaded with ice cream, chocolate pieces, and chocolate and caramel syrup.

The Apache Dairy Bar also serves a food menu that is worth trying with items like the walking tacos and the corn dogs. Grab a table outdoors when the weather is nice and enjoy your ice cream dish surrounded by the Defiance community.

Whether you enjoy the traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla and chocolate or you are looking for something different, you are sure to find a good choice in the Defiance area. Try a few of these local ice cream stops for yourself and decide which one has the best ice cream.

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